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Amanda Dear

Founder of REAL Coaching and Development 

Amanda is a business coach with over 25 years of commercial experience; having started her working life on a chicken farm she has a wealth of experiences from different environments. Amanda believes an integral part of her role as a coach to slow people down to speed them up… keeping the entrepreneurial butterfly in check. A coach for more than a decade Amanda, develops, trains, and supports people… whether it is in their business, their career, or their life.


As owner and founder of REAL Coaching and Development, Amanda works with business owners on all aspects to ensure that they Recharge Energise Align and Learn in the ways that work for them.

Highlights include:

🦉Starting and growing a business during a global pandemic

🦉Creating an online course to help businesses see and celebrate who they are, what they do and how they do it.

🦉Supporting a variety of clients from start up to £1million plus turnover; from those that have been stretched during 20/21 to those who have been forced to temporarily close.

🦉Keynote speaking at online events.

🦉Showing people that working with their own energy and the energy around them is for everyone and has a REAL impact.


As one of the founders of Sales Academy and part of the company for 7 over years Amanda coached all sorts of businesses, their owners, and teams.


Highlights include:

🦉Being awarded Coach of the Quarter by clients consistently.

🦉Delivered training to business owners in England, Wales, Austria, Italy, and Australia.

🦉Working with clients large and small across Sales Academy’s Finance, Marketing, Sales, Systems and People model to create balance in business – only developing the Sales aspect of a business often creates more problems than it solves.

🦉Speaking at various events on sales, selling and running a business.


Amanda ran her own successful recruitment business for nearly a decade and worked in the recruitment industry for over 18 years. During this time aside from fee generation she touched the careers of many, wrote 3 books to support people of all backgrounds and was able to work with some of the biggest businesses in the world (and some of the smallest too).


Highlights include:

🦉Working successfully in a small niche for nearly 2 decades

🦉Recruiting whole sales and marketing teams for several businesses

🦉Being promoted 6 times in 7 years while employed and becoming a partner in the firm before turning 30.

🦉Saying no to working with one of the biggest toy companies in the world because their working practices went against her values.

🦉Being the preferred recruiter to much of the trade; and not having many clients that used her service only once.



Having spent time in the public and charity sectors Amanda has knowledge to draw on whether she is coaching, training, recruiting, or speaking.


Highlights include:

🦉Securing full funding for a rebuild of an early year’s environment and assisting in the project management of the build (£250,000+ in 2009)

🦉Delivering back to work workshops for the DWP across 16 job centres in South Wales over. Achieving a 72% success rate of getting long term unemployed people back in to work. Over a 4-year period Amanda helped thousands build their confidence to change their lives.

🦉Part of a charity working with those who had left the military and needed support in their job search not a recruiter.

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