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Business Babysitting

I have heard it so many times that I have decided to do something about it. Which one have you said the most?


  • I need a Break

  • I'd love to go on holiday

  • I want to get staff but struggle to explain what I actually do


If you want to learn and grow at the same time as the above then you are in the right place. How cool would it be to go on holiday to get your balance back safe in the knowledge that the Business Babysitters are injecting the balance back into your business?


Myself, Ken and others (depending on what your business needs and for how long) will immerse in your business while you have a break. Your business will be open and making money while you are not there! 


When you return you will have a billion action points to come back to... you will also have a stronger business, a balanced business and a cleared environment.


The cost of this is dependent on the number of days required the number of people required and the amount that needs doing so give me a call and we will work it out together. Please bear in mind that popular holiday periods fill up fast so don't delay.

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