Finding Your Business Voice

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Welcome to Finding Your Business Voice, this is your opportunity to get the business you want from the one you have. Designed for all business owners. Regardless of size, type or how long you have been in trading, presented in a series of videos that clearly explain the tasks given, with supporting text and PDF's. You can work at your pace, but to get the best from this course REAL recommends you allocate an hour a day for 2 weeks; this will ensure the results suit both you and your business and that you get it done. Course creator and REAL owner Amanda is a business coach who holds nothing back! What you learn will change how you think, feel, and talk about your business. "The modules will make you feel uncomfortable, frustrated and possibly even annoyed. But I promise it will be worth it. Once you have completed the modules you will feel both elated and joyful. You won’t ever want to contain your new voice…" Remember great things happen when you’re uncomfortable. In addition to all the learning you get… An hour coaching session with Amanda to compound the learning. To act on what you’ve created or help you if you get stuck. This course is for you if... 🧡You want clarity and understanding 💚You have lost the reasons why. 🧡You want increased confidence It's not for you if... 💚You want a quick fix. 🧡You aren't willing to push yourself. 💚You already think you know everything

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