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Below are some, but not all of the services we can provide. Should you want something that is not currently listed please do get in touch. 

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We live in a fast world. Many of us could do with a bit of 'Sit Down and Shut Up'. It's certainly why I started. You don't have to spend hours cross legged and move to Tibet... you do have to practice and there are some fab ways I can show you how.

The Moon:


It is part of your life. It is part of all of our lives and has an impact on the planet and everything that lives on it. What impact does it have on you? What's this moon energy stuff all about?



Dragon energy is ancient and wise. Find out how you can have your own dragon, learn to work with them and their energy to Recharge your soul, Energise your life Align your environment and Learn about yourself in a totally different way.

Tarot Readings:


I have been having readings for years and there's always such a lot to try and remember. I was overjoyed when I discovered that I am really connected to spirit through the written word. Written tarot reading created by an old soul delivered to your door from 'the other side'



Energy is like water, if it doesn't flow it becomes stagnant. So if something feels all floopie then it probably needs clearing.

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