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Finding Your Business Voice - Group

Finding your Business Voice - Group

For busy business owners who want to develop their ideas, understand more about what they do and to ensure their business is truly ready for growth.

Finding Your Business Voice, the Group edition. We will take this online course and work through it together, You will be guided through the modules of learning that will teach you all about your business not only with you in mind but with you at the centre. Join Amanda from REAL Coaching and Development as she takes you through the modules in real time to ensure both you and your business Recharges, Energises Aligns and Learns.

This four-week programme will get you both thinking and working. You will receive lifetime access to the online course (which means you can review your voice at any time), and you will work through the modules with not only the creator of the course but also the support of business owners just like you.

Along with doing all the modules we will also cover:

  • How to sell what you love

  • Using psychology in learning and business development

  • Managing and creating time

  • Ideal Client Avatars

  • How to use your voice when you’ve found it

  • Creating and nurturing your brand

  • How to grow what you have created

  • And anything else that comes up in between.


Of course, there is investment to this in terms of both time and money; the time investment is easy; its 30 days. REAL expects you to attend all zoom sessions and to be involved in the group aspect and development that will occur in the 4-week period; there will be homework and there will be action you need to take to get the best from this programme. The financial investment is simple; it is £279, you can of course purchase the online only version of this course for £139 and work through it independently… but why would you when you can learn so much more from the total safety of Ken’s Nest.


What you get:

  • Lifetime access to Finding Your Business Voice online

  • A notebook to get you writing

  • A Private Facebook to develop your ideas with likeminded people

  • 8 hours of live learning to ensure you remain on track

What you need:

  • An open mind and willingness to learn

  • Time to do the work and take the action

  • Big paper

  • Coloured pens

Book your call now to make sure this is the right option for you and your business.

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