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Career Coaching


Looking for a new job can be daunting no matter how many times you have done it before. Understanding how the process works will really help you to move successfully through it. I will look at your CV and rebuild it if needed. We will look at all aspects of the recruitment process, I will prepare you for interviews, job offers, notice periods, counter offers and everything in between. Whether you are at a crossroads, looking for promotion or just stepping into the world of work this process is the difference that makes the difference.


The investment for this service is £250. Give me a call to book your time.


Recruitment support

Recruiting is a challenging, daunting task for most of the Business Owners and Hiring Managers I speak to.


Allow me to show you the REAL way of doing things. We will create a robust recruitment process that works for YOUR business, with all the documentation you need to keep you compliant in an ever changing world.


By investing £495 once you will be perfectly placed to confidently recruit forever. 

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