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Meet the REAL Team

Amanda Dear


REAL without Amanda would be like making toast without bread… just couldn’t happen.


Amanda is introverted and extroverted, calm and excited and loves being the wind beneath the wings of her clients.


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Karina Methven 


Social Media is constant and has to be consistent. Managing it couldn’t be more simple. The Magic Bean team supports REAL seamlessly ensuring that the reach of REAL is ever growing and developing

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Karen Wood

The front of the business is only as good as the back. Working with SystemiseMe injects the confidence to ensure that the tech ability of the business grows as REAL does. Always being on hand to deal with any issues means REAL gets to do what it does best and the magic happens consistently.

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Hannah Winman

A business is only as good as its numbers. Knowing the numbers is key which is why REAL works with Current Accountancy.


If you are looking to go beyond numbers with an accountant who takes away the scary, multiplies confidence and divides the complicated then take a look no further.


To find out more about Hannah 

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