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What is the moon?

According to Wikipedia 'the moon is an astronomical body that orbits the earth as its only natural satellite. it is the fifth largest satellite in the solar system and by far the largest among planetary satellites'.


There we are then now we know...! 


The moon is a huge influence on our planet and impacts the weather and the tides. Did you know it also influences all living things from mood to fertility. Allow REAL to show you the lunar way. 


Join my free Facebook community of like minded floopie humans @REALcoachinganddevelopment for moon tips education and discussion. Every month I gift a Full moon meditation to my Facebook Page to enable you to Recharge Energise Align and Learn in the comfort of your own home. All I ask is that you get involved in the page, don't just listen and run. 


These poems were written by Lis McDermott an amazing author and friend. The ability to take my words and produce something beautiful is a true gift to any business.

Coming soon!

An online programme to get you educated in all aspects of the moon, its cycle and how to use its energy. This is an online learning course that will allow you to work at your leisure to increase your understanding so that you can work with the moons awesome energy effectively. Packed full of education there will also be videos from me and lots of meditations for you to use again and again.

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