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How Will REAL Help?

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

How will you help Me? A question that’s often asked and it’s a hard one to answer without it either being flippant, or that I’m keeping secrets unless you pay me… Simply put I will help and support with every little or big thing you choose to share with me; whether that’s your business, your partner, your children, parents or any other aspect of your life. The other question that comes up a lot is “how long is your coaching programme?”, again the answer is simple (and flippant) – for EVER!!

Working with a client over an indefinite period of time is brilliant because there is no rushing, there is no “Time’s Up!”. We just move where we need to go over the weeks and months without being on calendar watch which is good for both Client and Coach.

When you work closely with someone magic happens… someone asked me recently about me being a ‘white witch’ and its interesting isn’t it because labels these days are for other people to understand me better rather than for me to understand myself. I think I am lots of things rolled into one neat little package where the only label is my name. Go back a few years and things were very different for me; I needed all the labels and wanted all the things; including all the validation that went with it all…

Now I want to show you what I do so that when the time is right for you, you will be contacting me. in the meantime, to show you how I help I want to talk about one of my clients and how I have helped both her, and her business.

I have been working with Caeredwen Gregson-Barnes for over 2 years and it is a privilege, a joy and a challenge to work with her, she has lots of opinions and ideas, and is incredibly passionate about what she does. We have laughed a lot and got an incredible amount of shit done!

Caeredwen’s business Magic Hands: Calm Minds provides Counselling services, Bowen Therapy treatments, Indian Head Massage and Reiki… an eclectic mix to say the least and one that does not come without challenge. For example the regulation around Reiki is very different to the regulation around counselling, and this shows us that even within a business there is the need to differentiate between offerings. We have spent a lot of time looking at how her range of treatments fit together both for her customers and for herself and that is one of the things that we will circle back to again and again simply because people change, customers change and services develop.

Caeredwen has always had an amazing business she just couldn’t quite see it at the beginning… this is not a criticism at all but the most common thing I see as a coach; people don’t have the ability to see why something ‘isn’t happening’ as they are too close to it. And that is where I come in.

So, what have I worked on with Magic Hands: Calm Minds?

Sales Process

Email Marketing and Templates

Ensuring she is the most important person in her business

Owning her Social Media




Time Management

Business Development (converting more prospects into customers)

Default Diary

Business Plan/Cashflow/Finances/Accountancy

Becoming her in her business/the transition from corporate to small business owner


In short; lots of things. REAL Coaching & Development does not have a pre-prescribed approach for clients on ongoing programmes and this is why – humans need different things at different times.

When I decided to write this blog I thought I had better ask her; this is what she had to say: “Amanda started coaching me when I'd only been in business about 3 months and had literally no idea what I was doing. We met at a networking group and she straight away realised I was in a mess, took the time to talk to me and encourage me to contact her for a longer conversation. Now I can advise other people - not professionally and only in a limited way, but it's good advice. I've gone from being too scared to advertise to putting myself out there all over the internet. I know what a lead magnet is and how to use a sales funnel. I make my own decisions instead of asking someone else what I should do. I know why I'm here, why I'm in business and what I want to achieve. I might have done all that without working with Amanda, or while working with another coach. But how many of them would text me back on a Sunday afternoon when I'm panicking, or hug me when I cry, or jump up and down with excitement when I achieve some tiny thing that means a lot to me and nothing to anyone else? Amanda has done all of those things and also kicked me thoroughly up the backside when I needed it. As all her clients say, Amanda is the difference that makes the difference - she totally has your back, front and both sides”

I feel truly blessed to work with clients like this and in the REAL Clan (private Facebook group) you will find everyone to be a supportive, honest, driven, community focused individual… if this sounds like you then it is definitely time to join the REAL World. The trust that is built over time takes all of us to new places which is why I chose Caeredwen to be a BETA tester for Finding Your Voice (online course that will change the way you see and do your business) and I am thrilled with her feedback; “I think this is now the third time I’ve done an exercise like this, although never in quite this fashion with such a complete emphasis on me. I think it’s because previous versions have been more corporate in their approach and almost overlook the fact that as a self-employed person, you ARE the business! In fact the first time my own name didn’t appear on the final document at all, and the facilitators didn’t think that was a problem or possibly even notice. Amanda made it totally clear that everything is about me, which was both scary and reassuring at the same time”.

As an aside, I would highly recommend speaking to Caeredwen and booking some time with her to find out how her range of treatments help… on a personal note she has helped me with both my physicality (sitting at a desk all day is knackering on the shoulders and back) and maintaining the mental resilience I need to work in the close way I do with people. She will get your head back on whatever the problem and will do it with grace and joy as well as a drop of sarcasm when needed.

When you are ready to join the REAL World get in touch to arrange your no obligation discovery call. 07796 6697100,

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