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What type of coaching do you do?

It’s a question that’s been asked of me many times over the years and at times it can be challenging to answer because it can easily sound like I have an answer for everything and that I am the answer to everything. This week one of my clients sent me a testimonial and for me it captures the breadth of what I do. I have been working with Mel for over a year and in that time I have pushed in many ways; I’ve challenged her with her marketing, supported her as she grew into understanding her commerciality. Mel sets her focus for the month quarter and year and I make sure you she gets there… and vitally gets there in one piece having learned grown and had fun with the process and the journey.

Mel is open to learning and developing, she is now as grounded in her business as she is in her paintings and to be a part of that journey is a privilege. Her work is incredible and her talent undeniable, to find out more take a look at where you can view and buy her work, book on to one of her workshops and find out where in the world you will be able to see her paintings this year (you will be able to see one when you come to my house, I am a very proud owner).

The following words mean such a lot to me and I am so grateful Mel took the time; 2020 is going to be a storming year for her and I am so proud to have her with REAL. If you have ever wondered what it would be like to work with me then here is your opportunity...

Amanda understands that your business is you. That is why she is the difference that makes the difference.

Amanda’s ability to lift blocks that are deeply imbedded in your business and therefore your life, makes her approach both hugely effective and unique. Her style of coaching feels effortless and yet has the ability to delve incredibly deep. It took Amanda no time at all to discover that I was getting in my own way. My mindset was not only blocking me in life,but was blocking me in business too.

Finding and removing these blocks was achieved through a series of one to one sessions and weekly accountability calls. Amanda’s multi faceted approach means she digs deep, whilst you have the most lovely, funny and inspiring chat.

REAL Coaching services are second to none. Amanda has built a body of business resources that can support every arm of your business. From finance, to quarterly planning and default diaries, the list is endless, because she has a framework for it all. She also understands how to tailor each of these resources to you. Amanda also has an incredibly long reach within the world of business. Her network of professional contacts is huge.

My sessions with Amanda became a series of discoveries. Her focused guidance meant I was never told what to do, but instead I discovered what to do next. This allowed me to continue to be creative in my thinking. Which, in turn, meant my ideas and ambitions evolved, becoming bigger and better.

My career has come on in leaps and bounds since working with Amanda and therefore so has my ability to earn. In the 12 months we have been working together I have gone from an aspiring artist who was struggling to make ends meet, to an international selling artist. Selling in London, Hong Kong, Devon, Wales, The Cotswolds and Singapore. I sold 55 paintings in 1 year. This success started happening within 4 months of working with Amanda!

Am I still working with REAL Coaching? Of course I am, because my new success brings with it new challenges. Amanda is on this journey with me and my coaching with her has evolved to meet my new needs and future goals.

My last words, don’t be fooled, you can’t get much past Amanda. As much as her approach is nurturing, she is not afraid to tell you the truth ... just when you need to hear it. By their nature these truths are uncomfortable, however they are also the very obstacles you are failing to navigate. With Amanda at your side, you will confront your business’s problems, then plan and work on clear strategies to overcome them or even remove them.

If your looking for an honest, perceptive, supportive, strategic, genuine cheerleader of a coach? Then REAL Coaching is for you. Don’t hesitate, book a meeting with Amanda and you’ll soon find out you are in the safest pair of hands.


How does this resonate with you?

For me it is all about the energetic fit between us both so get in touch the best way for you and we will find out if we are right for each other.

If you would like to know more, or have a chat about how we can work together, then get in touch or leave a comment.

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