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REAL World is an ongoing programme designed with you in mind. It enables us to work fast and make an impact. This programme offers you the opportunity to support when you need it most.


Every month you will get:

  • Weekly 15 minute phone call to keep you on track and enable you to keep stepping towards your goals 

  • x4 hours of coaching a month with a combination of zoom and face to face coaching to suit your needs

  • Membership to an online community of REAL people just like you

  • Total unwavering support to give you the confidence to step forward

  • With all sessions taking place online it means you get the flexibility

REAL expects:

  • Commitment to the calls and sessions

  • Do the work

  • Enjoy the process

  • Engage in the Community to get the most from it

  • Be honest and open in all aspects

  • Don't be a dick


With the coaching sessions taking place face to face or online it means you get the flexibility you need where ever you are on the planet. This programme is a monthly investment of £299.00 per month and there is no contracted period which means you remain in control. 


People commit to this programme because they want to make a difference fast; they stay working with REAL because of the results they feel. Get in touch to find out if I am the right coach for you.

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