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Welcome to REAL Coaching and Development and thank you for dropping by.

Please take all the time you want to have a good look at this site, you will find free stuff to help your business, your brain and your mind, along with all the information to decide whether REAL is right for you.

REAL is a Coaching and Development is a coaching practice based in the beautiful Forest of Dean working within the small business community throughout the UK. REAL is bringing balance through accountability, support and REAL action. 



People (Like technology) have recharge their batteries or they will go flat and not work. Keeping mindful of your energy will ensure you support your business and its customers better.


Bring the zing and zest to your business your way. Learning what works to bring true life to your business will bring you more customers and more overall satisfaction.


A feeling of balance & confidence. Businesses with an identity have more loyalty & support than those that don’t. As a business owner aligning your business to your values & beliefs shapes your attitude & brings you more satisfaction.


Sometimes learning is forced upon us, sometimes learning is a gift, and sometimes it’s a nightmare. Understanding the differences will ensure you gain more from each learning opportunity.


Choosing to work with a coach is a big step; you have to open up to someone who knows very little about you and your business and you have to do that in the knowledge that you will be held, supported, guided, trusted. Remember the only REAL thing at the first stage is honesty…REAL can deal with any situation with you as long as it’s the truth.

Development is learning. Learning takes many forms and comes in many guises, for some its investing thousands in a degree for others its about watching YouTube or TV. Long considered a bit of a weak word or something to describe the ‘fluffy’ stuff development is a vital part of human life. Pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone to learn something new means that you are developing, evolving and changing which is why REAL is here to ensure you don’t have to do that alone.

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Ready to find out if REAL is right for you then book your discovery call with Amanda. 

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