Hi, I'm Amanda Dear and I am REAL. I have been supporting clients as they break through the obstacles in their businesses and lives since 2012 and for many I am the difference that makes the difference.


I would describe myself as an intuitive coach (if that doesn't sound too floopie). I work with you, your business or career and your energy to enable you to move forward to your version of success. So be prepared for a mix of coaching, mentoring, meditation, dragons, crystals and the moon.


With over 20 years of experience; I have been Employed and Self Employed, a Partner and a Business Owner. I am an Author, a Meditation Teacher, a Witch, a Mum and a Dragon Warrior and my biggest passion is working with people and making a difference.

The word development has many different meanings, at REAL its starts with either Commercial development, Personal development or spiritual development; the fact is that over time it becomes all three. 


REAL stands for Recharge Energise Align Learn and that is exactly what my clients do; in lots of different ways. REAL Coaching, REAL Support and REAL Development for REAL life really is the difference that makes the difference.


Hellooo! I am Ken and I'm the wind beneath Amanda's wings. I made REAL my nest in 2018 and I keep the focus for both her and you. You will get support from me that you never knew you needed. I enjoy flying, my favourite dinner is vole and I can turn my head nearly all the way round so I will always see you 

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