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Whether you know it as cleansing clearing or smudging is all the same thing. if you have never heard of it before then it's a thing.


Humans have been clearing energy with the use of smoke for thousands of years. The Native Americans are the ones that most people will associate with the creation of smoke to clear and environment and to connect to spirit. The Mayans did it, the ancient egyptians did it, Catholics do it and so do I. for many years there was a school of thought to say smoke was only used because there was 'nothing else'. however studies have shown that the reduction of bacteria in a room can be reduced massively, using sage or bay can have antiseptic properties and it releases negative ions (positive Ions in the home are common allergens like spores from pet hair and dust). If you are the clearer and you have challenges with your respiration system then I would recommend not doing it yourself as positive effects will be pointless if you cant breathe!


The great news is that it is simple and effective and can be done on almost anything. I have cleared houses, businesses, Jewellery, cars, gardens people and animals by using a combination of smoke, intention, my guides and the energy from the universe. I use a combination of Lemon Bay grown organically within sight of the river Severn (just), Palo Sante which is my favourite thing to clear with but needs to be used sparingly, Californian White Sage and incense. along with the witches stable of sound light and crystals. 


Give me a call to find out more about how I can help you and your space. As a price guide a three bedroom house clearance will cost £75 plus travel expenses if further than 25 miles. 1 piece of jewellery costs £15


Coming soon a pack to enable you to clear your home effectively. Comes complete with a 'how to' guide, Grounding crystals and Bay to ensure your house not only smells fresh but it feels fantastic.

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